Effectiveness and principles of massage for penis enlargement

Among the variety of methods for penis enlargement, the physical enlargement of the cavernous bodies of the organ is particularly popular. It has a targeted effect without affecting the functioning of internal organs. Positive results are obtained from penis enlargement massage performed using a special technique. Eliminates blood stagnation in the pelvis, which improves tissue elasticity and helps restore erection. Regular procedures help to increase the volume of the penis, thus improving the quality of intimacy. Therapeutic massage is performed both in a specialist's office and at home.

How to enlarge the penis with massage

The enlargement of the genital organ with the help of massage occurs gradually. It is important to follow the technique and perform the procedure regularly. The result will be prolonged intercourse with full erection and ejaculation.

Massage will be useful not only for those who have complexes about an insufficiently large penis, but also for those who suffer from impotence and other unpleasant diseases.

The male penis consists of two main muscles - ischiocavernosus and bulbospongiosus. During stimulation, the cavities between them are filled with blood. As a result, the penis increases in size and becomes stronger.

If blood circulation is impaired, the erection is incomplete or completely absent. Massage to enlarge the penis affects the capacity of the cavities and provokes blood flow. Therefore, the hardening of the penis occurs much faster, and the erection becomes longer.

Efficiency of the method

The effectiveness of the technique is influenced by factors such as regularity of procedures and correct technique. The effect will be visible even if no more than 5 minutes a day are allocated for massage.

After completing the course, the man notices the following changes:

  • Premature ejaculation is eliminated;
  • blood circulation in the genital area is normalized;
  • libido improves;
  • sexual relations become longer due to increased stamina;
  • control over erectile function appears.

The first visible results are observed 3-4 weeks after the start of the procedures.

Is it possible to enlarge the penis with massage?

The increase in erection as a result of massaging the penis does not happen immediately. Massage techniques to increase strength include an integrated approach. Doctors recommend giving up bad habits, tight underwear and hot baths. This will increase the effectiveness of the massage.

Penis massage should be done in accordance with all the nuances of the male body

According to statistics, the penis increases in volume up to 3 cm and in length up to 7 cm. In the first month, the result will not be so visible. It is important not to give up what you have started, and then the effect will not be long in coming. Manual treatment, compared to medications, is considered more productive.

Preparation phase

Preparatory measures should not be neglected. They allow you to warm up your muscles without causing injury. Cleaning procedures are carried out in advance.

It is recommended to take a warm shower, paying special attention to the area of the testicles and the surface of the penis. A stream of water will help improve blood circulation and soften the tissues of the genital organ.

The next step is warm-up exercises using a wet towel. It is moistened with warm water and then wrapped around the phallus several times in a row. You can make rubbing or touching movements.

If pain appears, it is necessary to change the tactics of impact on the penis.

Main types and techniques

To perform manual manipulation yourself, you need to know how to massage to enlarge the penis. There are several methods, each of which has advantages and disadvantages. Wrong actions can harm sexual health, worsening the existing situation.

Jelqing technique

Regular and correctly performed jelqing will increase the size of the penis and increase a man's sexual desire. To increase the thickness of the penis, both dry and wet massage methods are practiced.

The technique of each type of massage has the following characteristics:

  1. Dry massage is performed in the morning, immediately after waking up. It includes the five fingers of the dominant hand. They should wrap tightly around the penis and move in a direction from the head to the base of the penis.
  2. Wet jelqing is done in the shower using a towel or washcloth. Preparation is carried out using a stream of warm water.
  3. The wet method using lubricants is practiced if the erection does not exceed one third. Any lubricant should be applied to the penis with light movements. The fingers should form a ring at the base of the penis. In one session, you should make up to 200 up and down movements, without squeezing the genital organ.

The Tao Technique

The characteristics of the Tao technique include the effect exclusively on the head of the penis. After forming a ring of fingers, you need to make slow upward movements, fixing them on the head for at least 10 seconds. Massage aims at blood flow in the most erogenous area of the genital organ.

Uli technique

The purpose of the exercise is to thicken the penis. It is advisable to perform it in an excited or semi-excited state. The penis is clamped tightly and firmly with a ring of fingers somewhere in the middle.

Pressure is applied for 40 seconds. The number of repetitions of the exercise is 5 times. It is highly recommended not to make sudden movements.

It is better to entrust a massage for penis enlargement to an experienced specialist.

As the muscles are trained, additional exercises are added to this technique. If it is possible to achieve a good erection, the penis is pulled alternately in each direction and held in this position for several seconds.

It is forbidden to practice the Uli technique if you have the following diseases:

  • genitourinary infections;
  • vascular pathologies;
  • cardiac dysfunction;
  • minor injuries and scratches on the genitals.

Double down

Massage with the Uli technique uses both hands. One is placed at the base of the penis, the other at its top. It is necessary to perform simultaneous compressions. At first, their duration is 10 seconds. Over time, the approaches gradually increase to 50 seconds.

Reverse Uli-Jelqing

The starting position is the same as in the previous exercise. After light compression with the fingers, the upper ring is directed towards the base. The next step is to return the hand placed above to its original position - on the head. The number of repetitions is 30 times.

Other techniques

It is important that the exercises are performed correctly; mechanical massage of the penis is not enough. The video will help you understand how accurately the movements are performed. They can be smooth, sharp, monotonous or changing. Experts advise the combination of several techniques.

The following exercises are no less effective:

  1. The relaxed penis is grasped by the hand and pulled from the head to the base. At this moment, an unpleasant feeling of tension will appear. You should hold your hand in this position for 30-40 seconds. After a rest of ten minutes, the exercise is repeated. The number of approaches increases every time.
  2. The exercise is performed both in a lying position and in a sitting position. The penis is squeezed tightly with your hand and then pulled as far as possible until discomfort appears. After a minute, you need to pull the penis back a little and fix it in this position for 4 minutes. After that, circular movements are made with fingers around the organ. At the end of the exercise, several alternating compressions are performed.
  3. The basis of the exercise is proper breathing. Inhalation is carried out through the nose, then the air is fixed in the throat and swallowed, falling into the lower abdomen. It is important to create a mental connection with the flow of inhaled air. It must be imagined that it is directed towards the genital organ. The ring, index and middle finger should apply pressure to the point between the penis and the anus. With the second hand you need to pull the penis forward. After that, the stroking movements should stimulate an erection.
  4. A group of exercises involving the pubococcygeus muscle are called Kegel exercises. They are suitable for both men and women. The main distinguishing feature of the exercise is the ability to perform it anywhere. It is necessary to strain the muscles responsible for urination for 5 seconds. One workout includes 20 approaches.

If you use a moisturizer or lubricant, the risk of injury during the massage is reduced.

Security measures

When performing a massage to enlarge the penis, safety precautions must be observed.

They are as follows:

  1. You cannot significantly increase the load on the body. Increasing the number of approaches and exercise intensity should be gradual.
  2. Not every exercise is allowed to be practiced with a full erection. Before you start training, you should carefully familiarize yourself with the technique.
  3. You should not neglect the warm-up of the muscles. This allows you to avoid injuries.
  4. If severe pain occurs, you should stop exercising.

Massage is a pleasant and effective way to improve the functioning of the reproductive organs. The desired result is achieved only if the main principles of the procedure are respected. Doctors recommend combining massage with other methods of restoring strength. In this case, the effectiveness of therapy increases significantly.