How to increase the thickness of the penis: exercises, extenders, surgery

This is not surprising, because a long but thin penis does not give a woman the feeling of satiety. Increasing the thickness of the penis also helps a man feel more alive and avoid the "pencil in a glass" effect. Thickening of the penis is considered a much more popular procedure than increasing its length, although it is performed in a more complex way.

Indications for the procedure

Sooner or later, every man wonders how to increase the thickness of the penis. But in fact, such a procedure is required by a very small percentage of men. In other cases, the thickness of the penis is only the desire of the man himself.

There is a size standard that is considered normal. A normal penis is about 16 centimeters long and 8 in circumference. Errors are allowed both up and down. A micropenis is considered to be 8 cm long or less when erect. This size of manhood already requires intervention and correction.

The problem with the miniature penis

Penis enlargement is usually more difficult than surgical length change. But at the moment there are several different methods for increasing the diameter of the penis. Their use will help increase the volume of the penis, both at home and under the supervision of specialists.

Increasing the thickness of the penis is carried out using several methods. It is indicated for those men who have a small penis size and want to understand how to increase the thickness of the penis. After all, it is known that with long-term self-pleasure using small diameters, you can make the penis smaller.

This means that there are ways to increase the thickness of the penis.

Ways to change thickness

There are several popular methods for increasing the width of the penis. Some of them require medical supervision, while others, on the contrary, are carried out independently at home. During surgical intervention, there are several basic procedures, the results of which can significantly increase the circumference of the penis:

  • lipofilling;
  • muscle tissue transplantation;
  • Operation Perovik;
  • implantation of balls.

There are also several ways to increase the diameter of the penis without resorting to surgery:

  • massage;
  • stretching the penis using an extender;
  • the use of a vacuum pump;
  • use of tablets;
  • the use of different types of ointments and gels.

Using these techniques, you can choose the optimal method and increase the volume of the penis, as well as increase its sensitivity.

Surgical methods

Penis enlargement using surgical techniques is one of the most dangerous but effective methods. With their help, you can increase the thickness of the penis and consolidate the resulting effect. The main disadvantages of surgical enlargement of the penis in diameter:

The surgical method of penis enlargement
  • long recovery period;
  • high risk of side effects;
  • a large number of analyzes before execution;
  • relatively more difficult to accomplish.

Let us show you in more detail how to increase the width of your penis surgically. They differ in the material used, the technique used and the length of the recovery period. Such procedures are often covered on video by plastic surgery clinics.


A method of increasing the thickness of the penis, which is based on transplanting one's fat tissue. Tissues are harvested from problem areas and delivered by injection under the skin of the penis. This method is convenient because it uses the body's own reserve, and therefore the likelihood of rejection with such an intervention is minimal.

internal structure of the penis

Penile thickening surgery using lipofilling also has its disadvantages. Subcutaneous fat tends to dissipate spontaneously over time. The result is the appearance of tubercles and irregularities under the skin of the genital organ. In addition, after fattening, the penis is in a state of swelling for some time and therefore it is worth refraining from sexual intercourse.

This intervention ensures a minimum of wounds and scars, and therefore is more acceptable from an aesthetic point of view. Doctors prefer to show the result of penis enlargement in a photo; from the photo it can be seen that the size can increase up to 1. 5 centimeters in width.

Transplantation of muscle tissue

This technique helps to increase the width of the penis up to 3 centimeters. It differs from lipofilling in that it has a long recovery period and for 6-8 months after the procedure, a scar remains in the place where the transplanted material was taken.

This penile enlargement surgery involves taking a strip of muscle tissue and wrapping it under the skin around the shaft of the penis. The effect of such an intervention lasts for life, therefore it compares favorably with lipofilling. At the same time, it is worth noting that the preparation for this operation and the full recovery period lasts up to a year.

Tissue is harvested from abdominal smooth muscle or axillary fascia fibers are used. Increasing the diameter of the penis is achieved by "wrapping" these fibers around the corpora cavernosa. This operation has a long recovery period of up to 9 months.

The main concern is caused by the scar at the site where the patient's muscle was removed; it lasts up to six months, after which it becomes invisible. The video of such an operation looks quite creepy, and therefore should not be viewed by particularly impressionable people.

Perovik technique

Enlargement and thickening of the penis using the Perovik technique is the most difficult operation to perform. It involves dividing all the penile tissues and implanting sections of cartilage tissue between them. This method of thickening and lengthening the penis helps to correct its shape and add volume. The main disadvantage of using this technique is its complexity, which in case of complications can lead to the following changes:

  • loss of sensitivity;
  • lack of erection;
  • inflammation;
  • tissue rejection;
  • gangrene;
  • improper union of tissues;
  • scar formation.

Also, one of the disadvantages is the long recovery period, which can last up to 12 months. If the operation is performed correctly and all the doctor's recommendations are followed, such an increase in the diameter of the penis gives a stable result that lasts for life. Then, if you look at the picture, the scars are completely invisible. It is better not to watch the video of penis enlargement using this technique for citizens with an unstable psyche.

Implantation of balls

One of the methods of increasing the diameter of the penis, which is gaining more and more popularity. The essence of the method is to implant special balls made of hypoallergenic material under the skin of the male genital organ. This procedure is performed not only by a surgeon, but also by a body modification specialist.

implants under the skin of the penis

The use of special balls helps to expand the penis in certain areas. This makes it possible to provide additional stimulation to the partner due to compression. It is worth noting that with this method you can have sex only in certain positions. Prolonged intercourse can cause scratching and injury to penile tissue.

Non-surgical methods

Increasing the volume of the penis using non-surgical methods helps to change the size of the manhood without harming health. The use of these methods makes it possible to use the products independently at home, without medical supervision and without being tied to a specific place.

Massage and exercise

Performing a massage helps increase the girth of the penis by stimulating blood flow to the penis. The result of this massage is the strengthening of the erection and the stretching of the corpora cavernosa. As the size of the corpora cavernosa increases, the volume of blood that fills the penis during erection increases, which causes the change in size.

The downside of massage and exercise is that the body can be easily injured. The massage should be performed every day for a certain time. Such exercises to increase the thickness of the penis help to achieve lasting results with minimal harm to health.


Wearing an extender helps to increase the width of the penis and achieve elongation. The effect is achieved as a result of the continuous stretching of the tissues of the penis, which leads to their growth and, as a result, a change in volume.

penis enlargement extender

Wearing an extender helps to increase the circumference of the penis for a long time and without any interference in the normal functioning of the organ. Among the disadvantages of this method are the long periods of use before any results appear.

Vacuum pump

A vacuum pump is another method to stimulate the growth and elongation of the penis, which uses the principle of alternating pressure. When the penis is placed in the balloon, a negative pressure is created in it. This leads to the stimulation of blood flow to the penis. Due to the stimulation of circulation, blood circulation in the pelvic organs improves, which helps to prevent the formation of congestion.

penis enlargement pump

A penis enlargement pump is prescribed in the following situations:

  • insufficient sensations during sex;
  • weak erection;
  • blood stagnation in the genital area and pelvis.

With regular use of a vacuum pump, you can achieve good results. A particularly pronounced effect is achieved when the pump is combined with the action of ointments and gels.

Ointments and creams

Ointments for thickening the penis help to increase the blood supply to the area of application. They have a local irritating effect and the effect of their use is visible immediately after use. The use of ointments and gels for penis enlargement helps to achieve more intense sensations from sexual intercourse and make the erection stronger.

creams and ointments for penis enlargement

Ointments and creams may contain a hormonal component and therefore it is advisable to consult a doctor before using them. It is also worth noting that buyers of such products can become victims of counterfeiting. Therefore, when buying, it is important to check the integrity of the packaging and the correct spelling of the names.

Hormonal pills

Hormonal preparations contain large amounts of testosterone, which stimulates the growth of the penis. But its use should be under constant supervision to avoid side effects.

Choosing a method to increase the volume of the male genital organ is not an easy task. Everyone can choose a product according to their wishes and abilities. Using such tools gives you the opportunity to be proud of the size of your penis.

All about penis enlargement. The 5 best methods to make your penis thicker

Many men are interested in answering the question of how to increase the thickness of the penis and whether it is possible to do it at all. Now this is possible, and for this you can either invest some money by performing an operation, or limit yourself to small expenses for equipment or special substances. Or you can completely avoid financial losses by achieving weight gain at home with the help of exercises.

Is it possible to increase the thickness of the penis?

The issue of increasing the thickness of the penis has been discussed several times and received a number of answers confirmed in practice.

Possible result

In the questions asked about the thickening of the penis, it is important what results can be achieved. The results are quite different and directly depend on the initial size and the methods chosen for changing the desired parameter of the penis. However, speaking of averages, the maximum thickness is possible up to 3 cm.

5 Best Ways

Each of the options is worth discussing in more detail. To understand which is more profitable and suitable for a man.


In modern times, there are many devices for male penis enlargement. And one of the very popular and fast options are supplements for thickening and lengthening the penis. This article does not give permanent results and is used directly during sex, but it quickly and easily corrects the thickness of the penis.


Considering the many disagreements in discussions among men, surgery for penis enlargement is the most effective option and will always give a good result.

There are several surgical options:

  • Lipofilling;
  • Ligamentotomy;
  • muscle tissue transplantation;
  • The option of surgical intervention using the "Perovik" technique;
  • Inserting the balls into the penis.

water pump

With the help of a vacuum pump, a man can get a penis enlargement at home without much expense or effort. The mechanism of action of the pump is to create a vacuum around the penis. Increases blood flow to the corpora cavernosa and promotes expansion. This gives the result in the form of an increase in diameter and length. The result will be short-term and it is better to use the pump immediately before sex.


When we talk about how to increase the thickness of the penis at home, we must not forget the exercises. Among them, the first place will be jelqing, which is easier to perform.

Ointments, gels and sprays

The use of creams, gels, ointments or sprays is a very effective option for penis enlargement, but good results are only achieved when these products are used together with other methods.

Now there are many drugs to change the diameter of the penis, they are divided according to the duration of action into:

  • Short-term, which are mainly used immediately before sex;
  • Long-term, the use of which must be repeated regularly;
  • Auxiliary, they are aimed at improving the quality of sex.

Characteristics of the methods

A penile thickening nozzle, the first listed in the options for changing the diameter of the manhood.

It is simply placed on the penis before sex and removed after ejaculation. Lipofilling, featured first on the list of surgeries, is the transplantation of a man's fatty tissue into his penis. In this case, the necessary material is taken from the problem areas of the patient's body and then injected subcutaneously into the penis, which results in its uniform thickening.

The advantage of this procedure is the minimal possibility of rejection of the injected tissue. Muscle tissue transplantation is used to thicken the penis within 3 cm. A section of fibers is taken from the smooth muscles of compression of the axillary fascia, which during the operation will be wrapped around the corpora cavernosa under the skin.

This result will remain with the man forever, but will require patience due to the long recovery period, which lasts up to a year.

Manual and hardware techniques

A specialist will show you how to increase the parameters of the reproductive organ. He will recommend safe ways to correct penis thickness at home, which have good results. You can increase the thickness of the penis through regular massage and the use of assistive devices.

The effectiveness of manual techniques in changing the size of the penis has been repeatedly proven. Their only drawback is that massages do not give quick results. Men should be patient and wait for their penis size to start increasing. Men can achieve positive results with the following exercises:

  • July. This involves the gradual squeezing of the penis, which is in a semi-erect state. In this case, you should use the OK catch. The penis is fixed for 15 seconds in one position. Then you need to move your fingers a little and repeat this action. Similar manipulations are performed along the entire length of the penis.
  • Jelqing. The exercise allows you to pump blood by moving the OK handle of the genital organ. The movements are made from the base of the penis to the location of its head. It is recommended to perform manipulations with both hands. The pressure on the organ should be alternating.
  • The grip. The exercise requires maintaining pressure on the penis by squeezing its shaft using a clamp.

The effect of training will increase if a man simultaneously uses auxiliary equipment. Erection extenders and pumps can increase the thickness of the reproductive organ.

Non-surgical methods

Non-surgical correction methods are also useful for men who want to make their penis thicker. They are considered safer than surgery. Another advantage of the methods is the availability of their implementation at home.

Massage and exercise

The easiest way to increase the thickness of a man's penis is through exercise and regular massage. It is worth considering each option separately. During exercise, it is recommended to use a special lubricant.

The massage is performed using circular movements on the genitals with your hands. You should move from the base of the penis to the top of his head. As with exercise, before performing any manipulation, you should apply lubricant to the penis.


Men can find special devices on sale that can increase the thickness of the reproductive organ. If you use the extender strictly according to the instructions, it increases the volume of the penis without causing damage.

The extender is used as follows:

  • It is necessary to properly adjust the penis in the auxiliary device.
  • Using the device, you should stretch the reproductive organ well.
  • The penis must be left in this state for a certain period of time so that its tissues have time to stretch sufficiently.

These actions should be performed every day, increasing the load each time. This method allows you to adjust the size of the penis, which is then preserved until the end of life. This is the main advantage of the non-surgical method.

Vacuum pump

Men use a vacuum pump as a substitute for an extender. The device provides a temporary effect of changing the thickness of the reproductive organ. At the same time, it allows you to grow safely and painlessly at the right time. Enlargement of the penis using a pump occurs due to a strong increase in blood flow due to the appearance of low atmospheric pressure around it.

Ointments and creams

Many men who want to know how to increase the diameter of their penis prefer to use special creams and ointments to achieve their goal. Such products can increase blood circulation in the area of intimate organs. Due to this, its size changes upwards. In addition, topical cosmetic products have a positive effect on male potency and erection.

Most ointments and creams contain hormonal ingredients. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you consult a specialist about this before using them.

Hormonal pills

Systemic hormonal preparations contain testosterone, which has a positive effect on the development and growth of the penis in men. Its use is carried out strictly under the supervision of a specialist. Otherwise, it will be difficult for the patient to avoid the development of side effects.

Vacuum pump

You should choose a pump with a wide balloon, which allows the penis to inflate during exercise. A vacuum pump is a cylinder with a pump that pumps air out of a flask intended for housing software. The device works according to the laws of the pressure difference created by the airless space.

The vacuum technology is as follows:

  • Air is removed from the cylinder, pressure drops and suction begins.
  • The blood flow becomes intense, its flow in the cavernous bodies becomes powerful.
  • Negative pressure affects the tissues of the penis, increasing their volume.
  • The result is a lengthening and thickening of the phallus.

With regular training, the increase in thickness is equal to one and a half to two centimeters. Pumping mode - up to three times a day, one set is equal to 15 minutes.

Jelqing with ointments

Jelqing should be done according to the prescriptions of experienced noopers. They share their experience and recommend performing manipulations in the following sequence:

  • squeeze the reproductive organ between the thumb and forefinger;
  • grip the penis firmly, but without pain;
  • start moving from the pubis to the head;
  • gradually speed up the pace.

In one set you need to do at least 100 movements similar to milking. The duration of the training is 15 minutes. When performing the manipulations, it is recommended to use creams and lubricants.

Injection of your fatty tissue

Inflating the penis with a lipid mass taken from other parts of the body is lipofilling, which is done under general anesthesia. Automatic fat is pumped from areas where its presence spoils the figure. Localization of lipid tissue sampling - in the buttocks, abdomen, thighs.

Then, the resulting mass is injected under the skin of the penis. The rehabilitation period after surgery lasts 30 days. During this time, the patient abstains from sexual intercourse.

Dangerous and not recommended methods

To achieve the goal of increasing the diameter of the phallus, not all means are good. Medical warnings regarding some procedures should be considered.


The existing idea of achieving volumetric changes in the parameters of the reproductive organ with petroleum jelly is met with the opposition of doctors. Ointment is produced during petroleum processing, therefore it is dangerous and biologically incompatible.

Vaseline fillers give a magnifying effect, but the results are disastrous:

  • Sexual infections develop.
  • Ulcerative and granulomatous formations appear.
  • The risk of sexually transmitted diseases increases.
  • Signs of damage to the corpora cavernosa appear.

The most dangerous complications are the development of squamous cell carcinoma and Fournier's gangrene.


Synthol is a synthetic drug used to wrap muscles and give them visual volume. Insertion of fillers containing this substance leads to swelling and inflammatory processes. The combination of artificial oils in injections is dangerous to health, because they are poorly absorbed.

The rapid growth of the penis after the procedure of non-professional synthol injection ends with disturbances in the functioning of the cardiovascular, respiratory and blood circulation systems. If the drug is introduced into a vein or artery, a stroke and myocardial infarction develops.

An example of a home exercise scheme

The method of effective training for width includes several procedures:

  • Massage the testicles, which lasts at least 5-6 minutes.
  • Warm up with a warm wet towel - up to 10-12 minutes.
  • Jelq - at least 100 moves.
  • Bending an elevated midsection and sitting in it in a semi-erected position - 10 minutes each.
  • Pumping.

For the final procedure, a wide flask is required; you should do three sets per session with a gradual increase in loads. Between groups, push appears - up to 15 times. If pain appears in the abdominal region, the exercise is interrupted or the load level is reduced. Conclusion - lubrication of the organ with anti-bruise ointment.

What girth width can you expect?

The specified training program will give plus two cm in diameter if done regularly. All the above methods lead to the same results. It makes no sense to believe that safe methods can increase the thickness of the phallus by 5 or more centimeters.


If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis, then adjust the parameters using the recommendations of experts. Do not risk your health by injecting synthetic substances and foreign bodies subcutaneously. A large and thick penis is the result of constant training, remember this and prepare for long-term correction sessions.